Fashion Schools in California

Students at fashion schoolIf you are currently considering a degree in fashion, fashion schools in California offer you the best opportunity to develop your talents into a successful career in fashion. Too often, prospective fashion students find themselves looking to places like Paris, Rome, or New York as having the best opportunities for them. It's true that these locations are considered world fashion centers, but they aren't necessarily your best option for an education in fashion design, textiles, or merchandising.

You don't need to travel overseas or across the nation to find a fashion school that is a perfect fit for you. California has hundreds of colleges, universities, and vocational schools that are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the fashion industry. It's in your best interest to seek out an education closer to home, right here in California.

California Fashion Schools Cost Less

Did you know that obtaining a fashion-related degree in California could cost you up to 90% less money than a comparable degree offered at a foreign school? There are many things to consider above-and-beyond education costs alone.

Student housing in locations like Paris or New York is extremely expensive. Many students looking to study abroad are placed on long waiting lists for economical student housing. Unless you have the financial means, transportation costs are another huge consideration for you. Traveling back home for the holidays, summers, or special occasions adds up quick.

California fashion schools will cost you far less in tuition, housing, and travel. Romanticizing the idea of studying fashion abroad will often only lead to an expensive education that was harder to obtain than it had to be.

fashion design courseFashion Schools in California are Major Players in the Fashion Industry

Make no mistake, California is a major world fashion hub! In fact, there are more fashion-related jobs available in California than any other state in the nation. From the red-carpet in Hollywood to the ports of San Fransisco, California is a world fashion center.

Fashion merchandisers and textile buyers import thousands of shipments of raw textiles, clothing, and material from around the world each and every year. A large majority of these shipments enter through port cities like San Fransisco and Los Angeles. Exotic fabrics and textiles from Asia, high-quality threading materials, production equipment, and more. All of these fashion-related imports require people with the knowledge, skill, and education you seek to bring the latest fashions to the marketplace.

Walking the streets of Hollywood, you'll find the latest in fashion design and breaking trends in style. The glam and glitz of Hollywood requires those with the skills to make it happen. What better place to learn about the industry that surrounds you? Fashion schools in California give you an edge in the industry that schools abroad cannot.

Fashion Education and the Latest Technology

california fashion schoolsCalifornia is already known as the technology capitol of the United States (and world). Fashion schools in California often receive the latest in computer equipment and software at very low cost from the major players in Silicone Valley. California fashion schools are no different.

Fashion and technology go hand-in-hand. For years, the fashion industry has been leveraging advancements in technology to improve upon the existing methods and standards of design. Chances are, if you are drafting your latest designs using a CAD program or the like, you're going to want to stay current with technology. California continues to nurture a culture of technological advancement.

California fashion schools build upon the state's existing culture of commitment to technology, and ensure that your education stays at the forefront of fashion industry trends.

Diverse Cultural Influences in Fashion

California is a culturally diverse state with a population comprised of peoples from all over the world. Other fashion centers around the world would be hard-pressed to tout the vast cultural diversity that is represented throughout much of California.

The multicultural influence on fashion can be seen is the wide-array of styles that are worn throughout much of the state. Latin, Asian, and European styles are just some of the many major cultural fashion influences that are currently in-play in this large state.

California Fashion School Advantage

It's no secret that California is a trend-setting state. From politics to fashion, California is seen as a leader in new conceptualizations and free-thinking. In an educational environment that promotes freethinking, your creativity and design skills will flourish.

The fashion industry needs your creativity to feed the ever-evolving world of fashion. Styles come and go very quickly in our fast-paced world. The fashion industry needs people who can lead, people who have the creative talent and vision to fuel the next high trend in fashion. Stale, uncreative designs do not last long in the marketplace. An environment where new vision and conceptualizations are nurtured produces top quality fashion designers. Fashion schools in California are well-adapted to promoting your creativity and vision.

Fashion Schools in California Have More to Offer

There are far more benefits available to you by attending one of the many excellent fashion schools in California. Why go through the hassle of attending a fashion school abroad when you have access to an excellent education right here? California has everything you need to prepare you for a career in the Fashion colleges in Californiafashion industry. Why spend more money to receive a sub-par or equal education?

Many students who have started their fashion education at a famed school abroad have come back to the United States to study in California. The common complaint that many of these students have had is that many of the foreign fashion schools are too rigid in their educational process; they offer too little creative freedom for designers with vision. These students have found the freedom and creative-drive that they were looking for in California fashion schools.

California Fashion School Directory

Whether you are interested in design, purchasing, or merchandising, the right fashion-related programs are available to you. Take a look at our directory of fashion schools in California. These colleges and universities offer a wide array of fashion degrees and programs that a sure to suit your needs. If you're considering a fashion degree, consider fashion schools in California your best option.

Do you have a sketchbook full of fashion designs?  Are you highly creative and artistic, and interested in a career in the fashion design field?  If you have considered the field, you probably know that even entry-level positions require more than talent, they require a degree from an accredited institution to get you your start. […]