California Fashion Internships – How to Get a Fashion Internship

California fashion internships are a great way to get your foot-in-the-door in the fashion industry. Internships in general have become one of the best ways to solve the problem many students face after graduating from fashion school – no experience. I won’t argue that going to fashion school full-time while working an internship in the fashion industry is difficult. I know it’s hard! However, if you can do it without compromising your education, try to get into an internship opportunity by your junior year. How do you find an internship in the fashion industry?

Finding a California Fashion Internship

Fashion InternshipsMany California fashion schools offer internship placement programs that can assist you in finding an internship that will enhance your education while giving you the experience you need (and that so many employers in the fashion industry require these days). Start off your search for a fashion internship in your schools placement or guidance office. Schedule an appointment with a college counselor who will more than likely be willing to assist you in finding an internship opportunity. Many fashion schools have a designated internship opportunity board. This may be an old-fashioned bulletin board in an on-campus hallway, or an online bulletin board where school administrators post internship openings. Keep an eye out for new listings.

[wp_ad_camp_1] Some internship providers will post their internship openings on the same job boards that they offer their full-time positions on. Major fashion industry companies may post on the bigger, national job boards. Setup automated searches on these sites that will notify you via email when a new internship opens up. Since you are looking for a fashion internship in California, be sure to check smaller California statewide and regional job boards on regular basis. Job boards are a great way to search for a wide variety of nearby fashion internships. Don’t feel like the only way to score a fashion internship in California is by searching job boards.

Use Networking to Land a Fashion Internship in California

california fashion internshipsMany internship opportunities will never make it to the job boards or your college administrative offices. In fact, I would dare to say, that the best fashion internships will never be found in this manner. We’ve all heard the saying that, “it’s who you know.” There is a lot of truth in that saying. Be sure to get involved in the nearby fashion-related social scene. Attend events, fashion shows, and industry presentations. Meet as many people at these events as you can. When you meet someone who works in the industry, ask them about what they do and where they work. Don’t be afraid to let them know that you are looking for a fashion internship. You may be surprised to find how willing some people are to help you out; they were in your shoes once too.

California Fashion Internships – A Competitive Market

California Fashion Internships CompetitionCalifornia fashion internships are available, but you have to realize that there is quite a bit of competition for them. Do not get frustrated when you are turned down for the internship (or internships) that you really wanted. Keep pressing on; if you didn’t get the internship you wanted with that big player in the fashion industry, don’t waste your time sulking, move on and apply for what you consider to be the next best opportunity. Keep doing this until you find an opportunity that will work for you. The key to getting a fashion internship in California is persistence and finding a way to set yourself apart from the pool of potential candidates.

Internships in Fashion: Be Unique

Sure, your grades will have some influence with prospective employers, but you will need more to get them really interested in what you have to offer. Try to get letters of recommendation from respected instructors at your fashion school; these recommendations can play a huge part in influencing internship providers. Also, be sure to have resume or biography outlining your skills, talents, any previous experience, and education. The final key ingredient to include when applying or interviewing for a California fashion internship is a portfolio.

A well organized portfolio featuring work samples will set you above-and-beyond many of the other internship candidates who are vying for the same opportunity. I would even recommend custom tailoring your portfolio to each internship opportunity you apply or interview for. Clearly, a portfolio loaded with your best work samples in fashion merchandising will not have as much influence on a potential employer when the internship is in fashion design.

Don’t let a competitive market scare you off. You have to learn to accept rejection and move on. Don’t take rejection personally; you have to look at it from the employer’s point of view too. They want the best possible fit in the role they have available because many of the students they place in an internship position will go on to work for that employer full-time after graduation. Keep pressing on…

California Fashion Industry & Internships

Lucky for you, California has one of the largest, most-successful fashion industries in the world. Many major-players in fashion have office, manufacturing centers, and design houses in California. A fashion internship in California is going to be far easier to find than a fashion internship in another state in the U.S. Just being in California gives you an advantage over students attending fashion school in other states in the nation.

The fashion market in California continues to grow annually providing more and more internship opportunities for fashion students. Fashion internships in fashion design, marketing, textiles, and fashion merchandising are readily available.