Have the Three Qualities Needed to Succeed in Fashion?

Over the past year, we’ve had the opportunity to ask hundreds of fashion professionals a seemingly simple question:  What is the single-most necessary personal quality required to succeed in the fashion industry?

The question seems simple enough, but we were blown-away by the breadth and depth of the responses we received.  Everyone has an opinion, and the fashion-forward qualities listed below are the aggregated results of of those opinions.  As you can imagine, we received an expansive range of

responses.  Despite the variety in their responses, we did find some common trends.  Below are the three most-common responses we received from fashion professionals working in and around Los Angeles; the most-common response is first.

Top Three Qualities Needed to Succeed in Fashion



From the responses we received, it’s clear that you have to be passionate about fashion and the fashion industry.  Some of the responses we received include:

  • “You have to have passion.  You have to want to succeed and love your work.”
  • “People go into fashion because they have to.  It’s something they have to do.”
  • “This is a business nobody would ever get involved in if they didn’t really want to do it.”


Another common response indicated that creativity plays a huge part in succeeding in fashion, especially when it comes to fashion design and marketing.

  • “You need the ability to look at things from a fresh new angle.  Fashion trends change so rapidly along with the demand for new designs.”
  • “The ones who can see into the fashion future, who have the creative vision to inspire, are the one who do very well in this industry.”
  • “Creativity.  Hands-down, creative design.”


Knowledge and education were the third most-common response we received.  Many of the fashion professionals agreed that learning at a fashion college or university near a major industry market is the most advantageous.

  • “I moved to California when I knew I wanted to pursue a degree in fashion.  I wasn’t sure at the time it was a smart thing to do, but in hindsight, I have no regrets.”
  • “You may know your stuff, you may be a gifted designer, but you still need the education.”
  • “Find a mentor.  Learn from someone great.”