California Fashion School Reviews – Your Opinions Please!

California Fashion School ReviewsIf you have attended or are currently attending a fashion school in California, we would love to hear you opinion of the school! Using the comments section at the bottom of this post, please let us know about your experience attending one of California’s many fashion colleges.

What to Include in Your Opinion or Review

When posting your review below, please keep indicate the following pieces of information:

  • Name of the California fashion school you are attending or did attend (Yes, please limit your reviews to California fashion schools only!)
  • The location of the school you attended (City name is fine).
  • Indicate if you are a current student or if you have already graduated
  • Let us know which fashion-related program or degree you were enrolled to study
  • Pros – Indicate what you like or liked most about the school you attended
  • Cons – Indicate what you did not like or found most challenging about the fashion school you attended
  • Rating – Finally, end you review with an overall rating of the school and your experience there. Use a scale of 1-10 with a rating of 1 indicating that you absolutely hated it and 10 indicating you absolutely loved it.

Why Do We Ask?

We think your input is very important for prospective students. It is invaluable to have a first-hand review of the experiences and opinions of those who have already been-there, done-that. People who are researching California fashion schools want to know what the school environment is really like. A school’s website, though usually informative, only gives you the schools (somewhat biased) opinion of itself.

Thanks for your input! We appreciate it, and know that prospective students will too!