Top California Fashion Colleges Near Thriving Industry

California continues its reign as the nation’s primary fashion industry center. In Southern California, there are nineteen higher-education institutions with fashion degree programs and coursework; all of these institutions have recorded full student enrollment. It’s already been expressed as to why you should consider attending a California fashion school, but here are some more interesting facts about the California industry and fashion market that may surprise you…

Go to School Where the Action Is!

  • California Fashion Schools - ApparelAccording to the California Fashion Manufacturing Association, the apparel & textile industry sales/value of shipments, for the Los Angeles region alone, topped $41.9 billion dollars. That is nearly a 100% increase in volume from 1997!
  • In the Los Angeles area, there were 121,308 individuals employed in the fashion apparel and textiles industry (there were only 73,822 employed in the New York area fashion industry.)
  • Let’s continue on with some more surprising L.A. area fashion industry statistics:
  • In 2009, there were over 3,600 apparel manufacturing establishments identified.
  • Apparel and textiles are the second-largest commodity (after autos) imported via Los Angeles sea ports.
  • The L.A. area is the nearest fashion exporting point to Asia where there is a growing middle-class demand for high quality apperal manufactured in the United States.

It’s no surprise that Los Angeles and Orange County are home to some of the top California fashion schools! With a strong demand of educated fashion and textiles workers, and a continually expanding apparel manufacturing sector, California’s fashion schools put you near that action.