Programs Offered at California Fashion Schools

California Fashion DegreesFashion schools in California offer a wide variety of fashion-related degrees and programs to get you started in a career in the fashion industry. Whether you are interested in fashion design, modelling, purchasing, or textiles, you are certain to find a program that is a good fit for you in one of California’s many fashion schools. In this post, I would like to discuss some of the most common fashion-related degrees and programs offered.

If you are looking for a good overview of fashion design and fashion-related terminology, I suggest you start by reading this wiki entry. The fashion industry has a broad spectrum of terminologies and I believe this wiki will give you, the reader, a very good base-line understanding of some of the term that will be discussed in the descriptions below. Let’s get started with our list of fashion degrees and programs that you can expect to find offered at one of the many fashion schools in California. I’ll describe the types of individuals who would be a good fit in each program and the focus of each of these educational programs.

Fashion Merchandising Degrees

Have you ever been told that you have a good eye for fashion? Do you regularly receive compliments and kudos for your fashion sense or clothing/accessory choices? Maybe you are the type who loves to find the coolest accessories, hats, or tops, but isn’t really interested in designing them. If this sounds at all like you, than you may be a great fit for a Fashion Merchandising programs offered at one of California’s many top-notch fashion schools.

Fashion Merchanding Programs in CaliforniaFashion Merchandisers are one of the most important players on the business side of the fashion industry. These are the people who seek out and find the next big fashion phenomenon. There is an endless amount of styles and designs out there that out there waiting to be discovered, the fashion merchandiser seems to have a knack for finding the needles in the haystacks of fashion. So much rides on the fashion merchandiser’s opinion, that their fashion picks can often make or break a design house.

Do you like to travel and learn about other cultures? Are you the type who will spend countless hours browsing through miles of open-air market fashions when on vacation? The fashion merchandiser will have an eye on what the local cultural fashion trends are. They’ll know which of these fashions may or may not be transferable to the marketplace back home. Fashion merchandising programs will often study the [wp_ad_camp_1]fashions and styles of various cultures around the world and their influence on our clothing.

Other topics you can expect to encounter while studying Fashion Merchandising in California include basic business skills. You see, fashion merchandising is almost equally divided between actual creative fashion skills, and analytical business skills. You will most likely learn basic business management skills such as accounting and marketing in addition to learning about design. For this very reason, fashion merchandising is a great program for someone who is balanced, someone who can use equal amounts of left-brain and right-brain skills.

Fashion Design Degrees

Do you consider yourself an artist or the creative type? Did you often cut up or modify your clothing to create styles and fashions that were all your own? Do you frequently sew your own clothes and dresses from textiles and fabrics you purchased? Do you frequently California fashion design schoolssketch out your fashion ideas? You may be a perfect fit to study fashion design! Fashion schools in California offer some of the world’s best fashion design programs.

Fashion designers are the style and fashion makers of the world. Fashion designers have an eye for color and texture combinations that can only be defined as an art. It is not an easy task to select from a vast supply of fabrics to find the next greatest fashion trend, but designers know what to use and when to use it. Often working in conjunction with other fashion industry players such as fashion merchandisers and buyers, fashion designers need to know how to be creative within the basic parameters provided to them. There is a seemingly never-ending need for fresh fashion designers who have the creative fortitude and vision to design the next big fashion trend.

Fashion design schools in California will teach you the latest skills in fashion design while leveraging state-of-the-art technology. Most programs will teach you a very thorough history of fashion design and style from around the world. You will learn the methods and skills that top fashion designers use to produce high-quality fashions in our modern world. You can expect, especially in California, that you will learn to leverage technology in your drafting and designing process; you will likely receive hands-on training in the use of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and other computer-based designing tools.

Despite the business side of the fashion industry, the successful fashion designer needs to be creative as well as adaptive. If you have a strong creative fashion sense and strong design skills, California offers some of the best fashion design programs in the nation. You will work well if you have the vision and aren’t afraid to break the rules or try something new when it comes to style.

California Fashion Degrees

No matter what program you decide to pursue, be sure that your heart is in it. Even if you feel that you are a great fit, that you have the exact skill-set necessary, be sure it is what you are really passionate about. California offers some of the best fashion-related programs and degree offerings in the nation. The fashion industry and educational system in California continues to thrive and is always seeking out new, creative talent.